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At CRP, collaboration means bringing together the best and brightest individuals to draw upon their expertise and create an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts. With any team, it is the individuals that make the difference, and our clients benefit from a team of experts that are perfectly suited to the requirements of their project. Because we do not take a cookie cutter approach, each project is designed to support the client’s needs and goals which requires team building and careful listening. CRP is a highly creative organization with a “can do” attitude. We have developed an excellent reputation for quality and competence at all levels and retain the services of the best consultants in Colorado.  

Having a long-standing reputation for meeting project schedules, working creatively within budget constraints and meeting or exceeding Owners expectations, CRP knows how to achieve results. Open communications among all participants is key to successful projects. Clearly defined procedures, accountability, flexibility when dealing with revisions or other unforeseen issues and a proactive, looking-ahead approach to the entire design/construction process is the hallmark of our firm. Assembling teams comprised of the best consulting engineers in the state, with whom we have developed strong working relationships over the years facilitates collaboration.  

CRP is a full service firm with services including: 

■  Site planning, utilization design

■  Architecture

■  Code compliance studies

■  Space planning, Interior design

■  Master planning

■  Programming

■  Educational planning and
     Educational Specification

​■  Project and construction

​■  Owner's Representative Services

■  Sustainable Design 
     and consulting

■  Bond Campaign planning

■  Grant writing and development
     of funding sources

First, hopefully many of you have already noticed that we officially changed our name to CRP Architects, PC. Along with that change, our email addresses also changed to (first name) Please take a moment to update your records accordingly.
Secondly, we’re thrilled to announce that Christopher Mannino has been named as a shareholder and Principal Architect. Chris has been with the company for more than 24 years and has been an invaluable member of the team over that time span. Chris has vast experience with educational planning as well as a very strong technical background. Over the past few years, he has been focused on a number of projects for the Fountain-Ft. Carson School District, but Chris has also worked on projects for a number of our other clients including Adams 12 Five Star, Lewis-Palmer Schools, and Colorado Springs District 11. Chris will serve as the Vice President of the corporation and will continue to focus on providing hands-on service to our clients.

And finally, 2014 marks our 35th year in business! Over that time span, CRP has built a reputation as a premier design firm in Colorado, and we owe our success to the support and loyalty of our client base. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we stand strong behind our philosophy of being good listeners, trusted advisors for our clients, and providing hands-on service for each and every project. Chris and I are looking forward to providing that ongoing level of service for many years in the future. Thank you for your continued trust and support in CRP Architects!